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Imperial Valley Black Angus logo with steet outline
Imperial Valley Black Angus logo with steet outline

Our ranchers pride themselves in raising our proprietary Angus-cross cattle. Imperial Valley Black Angus is harvested at 16-18 months of age and consistently grades at 50% Prime, offering a unique dining experience for both the restaurant and home chef. 

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All our cattle are raised in the heart of California’s Imperial Valley, one of today’s vital agricultural hubs within the United States. In a place that has nurtured farming innovation since the early 1900’s, caring for the cattle and fostering the land that provides their nutrition is of upmost importance to ensuring the future of the local community.

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Our principle of regenerative farming means we prioritize the welfare of the land and environment. We produce our own compost, which we use in our soils to enrich and revitalize the farmland. This practice benefits our locally raised feed for our cattle. We partner with local ranchers to ensure our commitment to regenerative and sustainable practices are a common goal throughout our process.

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Our dedication to the consistency in our beef starts with our feed. All our cattle are grain-fed with grass grown locally using responsible farming practices for soil enrichment. This results in our all-natural black angus-cross cattle exhibiting a wide distribution of fine threads of fat. Due to this our beef has a higher percentage of marbling making for a more tender, flavorful and higher-grade cut of beef, time after time.


Our proprietary Angus-cross cattle are raised for performance that redefines tradition. The traditional Angus breed is a market favorite, known for its excellent muscling and large cut sizes. Through unwavering passion and proficiency, our knowledgeable ranchers raise cattle with a mission to produce beef that features abundantly distributed marbling and consistent size. As a result of such expertise and consistency within our raising process, every cut boasts unique restaurant-worthy tenderness, and flavor.

"Our Cuts" text in cursive brand font
"Our Cuts" text in cursive brand font
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The filet mignon is considered the most tender cut derived from the tenderloin region. The tenderness is due to its location on the inside of the back of the steer, passive in motion and non-supportive. The filet is also a lean cut, which influences how it’s best prepared. Spices, rubs, and light marinades will adhere well to the surface, or it can be seared in a cast iron pan to introduce fat into the preparation. Baste it with browned butter and herbs and serve it with a decadent black truffle jus finished with a knob of butter for the decadent, high-end restaurant feel. A time-tested and simple way to enjoy this cut is searing on a hot grill and cook to preferred temperature.  Prepared in any format, this cut will impress.

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The New York Strip Steak is one of the most versatile cuts to cook. It is considered one of the top five steaks for flavor, tenderness, and mouth-feel. If you prefer to grill, a Prime NY Strip will perform excellently, as it can withstand the dry heat. Otherwise, pan sear it to form a delicious, crispy crust. Serve with a fresh green chimichurri sauce or a savory peppercorn sauce.

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When it comes to the ribeye, “fat is flavor.” Prime or Choice, this cut offers exceptional flavor and tenderness due to its higher fat content. Grilled, broiled, or pan-seared, the options for how to prepare this steak are endless. Though we believe the ribeye eats best when cooked medium rare, it’s a great cut for those who prefer their steak more well-done because it won’t dry out during the cooking process. Be sure to enjoy the ribeye cap; with its extraordinary marbling, it’s a highly sought-after portion of this cut. The ribeye is a chef’s ultimate choice for the classic dish “Steak Frites,” or it can be served with a velvety sauce bearnaise or black truffle jus.

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"Our Programs" text in cursive brand font

Experience and share Tradition Redefined with Imperial Valley Black Angus. 


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  • Retail ready label and packaging
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  • Large cuts
  • Professional, restaurant quality
  • High volume ordering
  • Consistent performance
  • High yield
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"Contact Information" text in cursive brand font

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